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The value of training

We believe that by equipping people who are specialists in their own field with relevant, comprehensive and practical guidance, we can increase the number of victims identified and improve the response and help offered by organizations like yours.

We offer instructor-led training (in-person and virtual) or online courses to complete in your own time via the Hope for Justice Learning Academy portal.

Looking for training outside of the USA? See our other training pages:

What’s available?


Hope for Justice offers online or in-person human trafficking training tailored to your organization or group. Trainings can be shorter and awareness-based, or in-depth courses equipping you with all the knowledge and tools you need to understand this crime, the law and dealing with victims and survivors.

In addition, if you are a law enforcement or healthcare practitioner, or if you work in the hotel or hospitality industry, we offer engaging interactive online courses developed especially for frontline practitioners in all of those industries. You’ll gain the critical knowledge and skills you need to spot the signs and address situations of human trafficking in your organization, business or industry. Access these courses at the Hope for Justice Learning Academy.

Who’s it for?


Hope for Justice human trafficking training is particularly suitable for law enforcement and for agencies involved with corrections and probation; local, state and federal government; health care and medical professionals; and nonprofits and community groups, especially those working with vulnerable or marginalized people or other high-risk groups. We can also offer human trafficking training focused on business and supply chains.

Training topics


Hope for Justice human trafficking training courses and modules have been developed by our experts who have been working in this field for many years, including our team of Investigators who bring firsthand experience to the instructor-led sessions. This includes expertise gained during years working for law enforcement agencies including the FBI, NCIS and National Counterterrorism Center.

A history of success

The U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime has found “deeply entrenched economic and societal inequalities that are among the root causes of human trafficking,” with traffickers adapting their methods to take advantage. The Global Slavery Index recently estimated that there are more than 1 million people in the U.S. living in conditions of modern-day slavery. This means up-to-date training is more important than ever.

“Just received training from Hope for Justice on human trafficking. I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to learn more and what you can do to help”

Professional Private Investigators of Canada
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