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Our training

We believe that by equipping people who are specialists in their own field with relevant, comprehensive, accredited and practical guidance, we can increase the number of victims identified and improve the response and help offered by organisations like yours.

We also offer training courses tailored to the USA& Canada, and to Northern Ireland:

Online Training

Our online training course at the Hope for Justice Learning Academy portal can be taken in your own time. This 30-minute course is aimed at the general public and anyone who wants to learn more about the prevalence of modern slavery and human trafficking in the UK and the steps they can take to prevent and report these crimes. After the course, you will be able to:

  • Define modern day slavery and human trafficking through concepts of “acts, means, and purpose” 
  • Describe the pervasiveness of and types of modern-day slavery and human trafficking in the UK  
  • Identify the common victim vulnerabilities, signs, and indicators of modern-day slavery and human trafficking 
  • Apply appropriate action steps if a potential modern slavery or human trafficking situation is identified

Instructor-led training

What’s available?


Hope for Justice offers a wide variety of Modern Slavery Training (currently remote-only in the UK). This includes: 1-hour or 2-hour basic awareness; or half-day accredited courses. We offer specialised training for professions/disciplines (e.g. police, social work, housing, healthcare) in skill-based training for trauma-informed case reporting and in trauma-informed listening around modern slavery. Our colleagues at Slave-Free Alliance also offer training specifically tailored to businesses.

Accredited Virtual Classroom products

Modern Slavery Awareness: For anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of modern slavery & human trafficking.

Trauma-informed disclosure encounter: For frontline practitioners who may encounter potential victims of modern slavery & human trafficking. This course will provide the delegates with the skills and knowledge of how to engage in a trauma-informed approach to a disclosure encounter

Trauma-informed case reporting: For frontline first responders who engage with referrals to the National Referral Mechanism.

Who’s it for?


Hope for Justice Modern Slavery Training is particularly relevant for anyone involved in policing and law enforcement; central or local government; healthcare and social work; or non-governmental work in the community, such as food banks, drop-in centres, community organisations and outreach, and those working with vulnerable people. Via Slave-Free Alliance, we also offer industry-specific training for businesses and larger organisations.

Learning outcomes


The training addresses over 60 key learning outcomes outlined by Skills for Care for those working in the modern slavery sector. We explain what modern slavery is and identify the different types that exist and how to recognise the signs and indicators. This foundational knowledge is applied into trauma-informed skill sets training whether that is for case reporting or listening to a disclosure. This ensures an appropriate professional response empower the human rights of victims/survivors of modern slavery/human trafficking.

Accredited training

Hope for Justice’s training is award-winning, including being named Best Public Service / Not-for-Profit Programme at the Training Journal Awards. Hope for Justice and Slave-Free Alliance is a Member of The CPD Certification Service (number 14454), showing our commitment to upholding and increasing standards in continuing professional development.

“This training was a great insight into modern-day slavery and human trafficking and really pitched at the right level… The feedback from our safeguarding champions was fantastic.”

Paul Corry, Adult Safeguarding, Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
young girl