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Stories and Case Studies

Preventing exploitation, Rescuing victims, Restoring lives and Reforming society. This collection of stories and case studies illustrates just a few of the many lives Hope for Justice changes every day.

Maisie’s story

“We discovered that the person talking to Maisie was in fact a 44-year-old adult man living in the U.S. Our further investigations revealed his past conviction of kidnapping, as well as other crimes.”

Featured Stories

Jul 11

Boy freed from kidnappers is inspiration to peers arrow
Kidnapping Trauma-informed Care

Mar 28

Sanaa’s story: ‘Cruel and heartless exploitation’ arrow
Asylum Human Trafficking

Mar 22

Viktor’s story: Escaping his traffickers after four years in forced labour arrow
Car wash Factory Work

Mar 15

Enku’s story: Regaining her childhood after being rescued from domestic work arrow
Domestic Work Ethiopia

Jan 17

Beniamin’s story: How modern-day slavery can hide in plain sight arrow
Airport Debt

Nov 10

Operation Fort: Uncovering the largest modern slavery ring in UK history arrow
Forced Labour Operation Fort

Nov 2

Dan’s story: Ready to face new challenges thanks to life skills training arrow
Uganda Life Skills Training

Nov 2

Sarah’s story: Hope and household incomes restored through village savings groups arrow
Community Prevention Self-Help Groups

Oct 5

Misgana’s story arrow
Domestic Servitude Ethiopia

Jul 21

Alumu’s story arrow
Uganda Child Trafficking

Jul 18

Daniel’s story arrow

May 9

Kay’s Story arrow
Africa Housing
young girl