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About the month

January is also known as Human Trafficking Awareness Month. It is a key time for us all as individuals to educate ourselves about human trafficking and crucially to learn to spot the signs of trafficking. It is also a time for us take these messages to our workplaces, our churches, our schools, our representatives and everywhere else.

At Hope for Justice, we investigate cases of human trafficking and work closely with law enforcement to rescue victims and ensure evidence is gathered against perpetrators to see them brought to justice. Our team of investigators is drawn from some of the most respected and prestigious law enforcement agencies in the country, such as the FBI and NCIS.

National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, January 2024, culminates in the annual observation of National Freedom Day on February 1, 2024.

What can you do?

Become part of a community of amazing volunteers, make a life-changing donation, learn about the issue, or download resources. Awareness leads to action!

Sep 21

Hope for Justice convenes major anti-trafficking event at U.S. Senate arrow
ATIP Senate

Sep 20

Volunteer in Ethiopia identifies six child exploitation victims in her community arrow
Ethiopia Community Prevention

Sep 1

Hope for Justice co-curates World Economic Forum’s newest Transformation Map arrow
ESG Human rights

Aug 25

Threatened with a hammer for daring to speak up against his trafficker arrow
Forced Labour Logistics
young girl