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Ride with us and break the cycle of human trafficking worldwide

What is Break the Cycle?

Break the Cycle is a series of cycling events, run relays, and other endurance events across the US, UK and Norway, which raise funds for Hope for Justice to transform lives in the fight against human trafficking.

Our flagship event series is Break the Cycle 200, where we ride 200 miles together in a single day with one purpose: to end human trafficking and modern-day slavery. Through our ‘Challenge’ events, we can also offer shorter rides of 100, 50 or 25 miles for some locations.

You can see confirmed events and locations below. We have had rides in places including Iowa, Nebraska, Tennessee, Texas, Minnesota, Norway and the UK, and we are expanding each year! So take a look if there’s an event near you!

What does it take to cycle for 200 miles? Watch this video to find out!

“Break the Cycle 200 gives me the opportunity to do something I love… and make a real difference in the fight against human trafficking.”

Deanne, Team Iowa

The Events

When you sign up for a Break the Cycle event, you aren’t just registering for an endurance event. You’re joining a movement to end the exploitation of some of the most vulnerable people in the world.

You’ll need to commit to raising at least $500 for Hope for Justice. We’ll give you all the help and support you need to ensure you succeed!

Here are the upcoming events:

Why join the Break the Cycle team?

Funds raised by the amazing cyclists and athletes who choose to get involved with Break the Cycle help rescue and restore the lives of survivors like Esther. She was forced into sex trafficking in the United States but is now free, and is turning her life around. Your efforts will also help prevent human trafficking, and bring about the societal change we need to stamp it out.

Break the Cycle events fund Hope for Justice programs that help victims and survivors of human trafficking

“I saw my parents and brothers and sisters killed, so the Hope for Justice team is my family. The staff here gave great support and made sure I get the health care and counseling I need. I’m so grateful.”

Human trafficking survivor

It’s unacceptable that across the world, it’s estimated that 50 million people are victims of human trafficking. Adults and children are being forced into sexual, labor or criminal exploitation, or forced marriage, to profit traffickers who benefit from their misery.

We cycle many miles, on many days, and in many different cities with one goal: to break the cycle of human trafficking. To end it, forever.

What should I know before considering registering for a 200-mile ride?

Riding 200 miles in one day is not easy. We depart before sunrise and we go all day, arriving before sunset. The weather can drastically affect the comfort level of this ride. The difficulty level does mean that not everyone will make it on a bike. Please consider your riding level and you can of course reach out to speak with past participants. Email to arrange this.

Once you register, you will be sent full details on how to get equipped for your ride, including training plans and tips, fundraising ideas, fitness, stretches, nutrition, mechanical checks, ride rules and philosophy, what-to-bring checklists and more.

How fast do you ride? Will I be able to do it?

The ride moves along between 18-22 mph in a tight group over open roads. So each rider should be:

  • Capable of riding at a good pace for at least 25 miles between scheduled stops. An example of what we mean by ‘a good pace’: if it is perfectly flat and there is no headwind, we would travel as a group between 17 mph to 20 mph. This translates to an average of 180 watts. With a tailwind of 10 mph, we will hit speeds of 25 mph to 30 mph.
  • Extremely comfortable riding in a large group of riders, drafting off one another, on the open roads. Keeping everyone safe is a priority of the ride. This is done by keeping the group of riders condensed.

We have averaged 18 mph during our past rides. A sustained wattage will be monitored by those of us using power meters. Should the group wattage exceed 220 to 250 watts, a bell will ring to indicate the need to pull back a little bit. This ride is NOT a race.

Remember, through our ‘Challenge’ events, you can also choose to do a shorter ride of 100, 50 or 25 miles for some locations, if 200 miles is not for you.

Not a cyclist? We still need you!

We need volunteers to help us the evening before the events, and throughout event day. If you would like to be part of the volunteering team, click on the event you want to help out at, and you’ll see all the volunteering opportunities!

Sponsorship opportunities

By sponsoring Break the Cycle 200, you can help our event to transform the lives of trafficking victims and bring about an end to exploitation. Contact us at for more information on unique sponsorship opportunities.

Break the Cycle: The History

Originating in 2012 from the collective passion of five friends in West Des Moines, Iowa, Break the Cycle (BTC) emerged as a shared vision to make a difference while engaging in athletic endurance events. The beginning of BTC took the form of a 200-mile cycling event held in a single day, serving as a catalyst to raise awareness about the global issue of human trafficking. This initial endeavor showcased the group’s commitment and also laid the foundation for a growing network of advocates dedicated to combating human trafficking.  

2019 brought a new opportunity for BTC to become part of Hope for Justice. By providing a new platform for Hope for Justice as a Fundraising Event Series, BTC has amplified awareness and community, expanding the portfolio of events to numerous cycling, and running events annually in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Norway. The BTC community, consisting of hundreds of cyclists, runners, volunteers, and donors, has collectively raised over $1.5M. These funds are directed towards supporting Hope for Justice in rescuing and restoring victims and working towards the eradication of exploitation. Joining the BTC team offers you the opportunity to contribute and play a vital role in breaking the cycle of human trafficking.

Break the Cycle Brand Guidelines

Using the Break the Cycle brand? Download our Brand Guidelines to get links to logos and guidance on usage in various contexts.

“With thousands of children being trafficked for sexual exploitation in the United States, your support has never been more needed. Come and ride with us this year, and help break the cycle of human trafficking.”

young girl