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What is Anti-Slavery Day?

Anti-Slavery Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the fact over 49.6 million people in the world today, and an estimated 136,000 people in the UK, are trapped in conditions of modern slavery. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Anti-Slavery Day is a time to encourage governments, businesses, friends, family and colleagues to do what they can to prevent human trafficking and protect victims of modern-day slavery.

When is Anti-Slavery Day?

Anti-Slavery Day takes place every year on 18th October. At Hope for Justice, we will be hosting a whole week of events and campaigns (14th – 20th October) which individuals and organisations can take part in to mark Anti-Slavery Day 2024.

Anti-Slavery Day Resources

Your audience may be hearing about the issue of modern slavery for the first time, these graphics give an introduction to the topic and provide legal definitions.

Modern slavery still exists arrow
Part 1: What is modern slavery and human trafficking arrow
Part 2: human trafficking is a type of modern slavery arrow
Part 3: human trafficking has 3 elements arrow
Part 4: types of human trafficking arrow
Part 5: definitions arrow
Take action arrow

Free Online training courses

Hope for Justice is offering free interactive spot the signs courses open to ANYONE who wants to raise awareness of human trafficking.


This set of graphics contains more visual elements and thought-provoking facts and comparisons to get your audience and stakeholders talking and thinking about the issue of modern slavery. 

Infographic 1 arrow
Infographic 2 arrow
Infographic 3 arrow
Infographic 4 arrow

Modern slavery and the ESG agenda

Modern slavery sits firmly in the ‘S’ of the ESG agenda and we want to help you talk about it, so we have created suggested commentary found next to each graphic for you to post together.

E, S and G are interlinked arrow
Modern slavery is in the ESG agenda arrow

Climate Change and Modern Slavery

As efforts to halt the climate crisis and environmental damage increase, the use of modern slavery becomes part of these activities.

How are modern slavery and climate change connected arrow
Help people help the planet arrow
How eco friendly are your rechargeable batteries arrow
How eco friendly are solar panels arrow

Get the facts

If you suspect that your audience have been misinformed about the realities of modern slavery or hold inaccurate opinions about it, this set of graphics provides the real facts.

Get the facts part 1 arrow
Get the facts part 2 arrow
Get the facts part 3 arrow
Get the facts part 4 arrow

Spot the signs of modern slavery

Resources in various languages to spot the signs of modern slavery. Awareness leads to action!

young girl