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What is Anti-Slavery Day?

Anti-Slavery Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the fact over 40 million people in the world today, and an estimated 136,000 people in the UK, are trapped in conditions of modern slavery. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Anti-Slavery Day is a time to encourage governments, businesses, friends, family and colleagues to do what they can to prevent human trafficking and protect victims of modern-day slavery.

Get involved in Anti-Slavery Day

Whether you’re new to the issue of modern slavery or a seasoned activist, we have planned plenty of ways for organisations and individuals to get involved in Anti-Slavery Day.

When is Anti-Slavery Day?

Anti-Slavery Day takes place every year on the 18th October. At Hope for Justice, we will be hosting a whole week of events and campaigns (17th – 23rd October) which individuals and organisations can take part in.

How can I get ready for Anti-Slavery Day?

In the run-up to October, Hope for Justice and Slave-Free Alliance are running workshops to help people and organisations plan and prepare for Anti-Slavery Day.


Slave-Free Alliance’s Get Ready For Anti-Slavery Week workshops are open to organisations wanting to run events or campaigns to spread awareness of modern slavery with their staff, suppliers, partners, and clients.