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Top News World record marathon fundraiser gets global news coverage

World record marathon fundraiser gets global news coverage

A world-record attempt by a Hope for Justice team member who is running a marathon every morning before work has resulted in global media coverage. UK newspapers including the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror have covered Aaron Robinson’s inspiring and incredible challenge, and now global media like the New York Post have taken an interest.

As of March 30th, Aaron has completed an astonishing 103 marathons in 103 days.

Aaron may have set a new Guinness World Record for a male runner, as the previous ‘official’ top score was 62 consecutive marathons. Other consecutive marathon attempts have been reported on globally, but it is thought none have had the official Guinness World Record seal of approval.

Aaron told the media: “It is tough, but what I think about a lot is I can stop this at any time. The victims of modern slavery and human trafficking – they can’t run away. They sometimes have their passports stolen, they’re threatened, they’re beaten. So I can say, ‘actually it’s really hard to run them’, but it’s nothing compared to what they’re going through. That keeps it in perspective.”

He is running with his border collies, Inca and River. In this video, Aaron addresses the concerns some people have raised that this might seem cruel on the dogs, explaining that as working dogs, they have more than enough energy to accompany him. He says: “So you might wonder, well, is that cruel: to run a marathon every single day, with your dogs? And the answer I think is, it depends on your dog! I’ve got two border collies. They are working dogs. They can make great pets, but border collies are originally bred to work, so getting up very early in the morning, working on the farm, herding sheep, chasing sheep, running… So they are doing something pretty similar to what they would be doing anyway if they were working on a farm.

“And then while I am running a marathon, 90% of the time, my dogs are just walking it. My pace is just not that quick, so they are just walking alongside me. Unless of course they see a squirrel!”

Aaron, who is Internal Communications & Employee Engagement Manager at Hope for Justice, previously made headlines when he ran a 200-mile ultra-marathon: no sleeping and no proper meals, just running solidly for two-and-a-half days.

You can donate to Aaron’s fundraiser on behalf of Hope for Justice, or follow his attempt on Instagram.

Aaron has been keeping the world updated on his world record attempt via social media

Aaron has been keeping the world updated on his world record attempt via social media

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