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Top News Highlights from a successful 200-mile ultramarathon

Highlights from a successful 200-mile ultramarathon

Aaron Robinson ran 200 miles continuously to raise money for Hope for Justice and help break the cycle of modern slavery and human trafficking. There’s still time to show your support for Aaron’s ultramarathon run.


See some of the highlights in this video:



Aaron Robinson is Internal Communications Manager here at Hope for Justice – it took him more than two whole days and nights of continuous running, with no breaks for meals, nor to sleep. We think what he achieved is incredible, but so is the scale of the issue he is drawing attention to – there are approximately 40.3 million men, women and children trapped in modern slavery today, and even more victims are likely to be hidden away, uncounted and unknown.


Aaron joined Hope for Justice this year, and was shocked to hear how prevalent this crime is. Aaron decided that he wanted to do something about it, using his passion of running to help those who cannot run away from their exploitation. And while he’s done long-distance runs before, he had never attempted anything on this scale.


Hope for Justice relies on the generous support of donors and fundraisers to empower our vital work, which is based around four pillars: preventing exploitation, rescuing victims, restoring lives and reforming society in locations across the world.


Aaron is available for interview – email to arrange or call 0300 008 0055.


The run took place from September 12-14th. Aaron’s fundraising page is:

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