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Posts tagged with: Child Trafficking

July 21, 2023

Alumu’s story arrow
Uganda Child sexual exploitation

July 14, 2023

Responding to Sound of Freedom: Awareness and education are critical tools to combat human trafficking arrow
Sound of Freedom Media

March 20, 2023

Let’s Talk About It: Episode 6 | Supporting Younger Survivors of Exploitation arrow
Lighthouse Reintegration

March 20, 2023

Let’s Talk About It: Episode 5 | The Value of Family Re-integration arrow
Lighthouse Ethiopia

February 6, 2023

Boy forced to street beg in Uganda reunited with family arrow
Lighthouse Uganda

August 12, 2022

Shared measurement in anti-trafficking coalitions arrow
ACTS Coalition

July 14, 2022

Sir Mo Farah’s bravery must inspire government to act for all victims arrow
Sir Mo Farah Domestic Servitude

July 12, 2022

Hope for Justice responds to Sir Mo Farah trafficking revelations arrow
Sir Mo Farah Borders

June 6, 2022

Request for Proposals for Endline Evaluation of the Addressing Child Trafficking & Slavery (ACTS) Project arrow
ACTS Uganda

March 2, 2022

Child sex trafficking survivor thrives: “I have a place to call home…I feel happy” arrow
Uganda Lighthouse

February 2, 2022

Five Ugandan girls reclaim their futures after abuse arrow

January 19, 2022

11-year-old girl dreams of becoming a doctor after being trafficked and abused arrow
Ethiopia Lighthouse

January 5, 2022

Ugandan trafficking survivor and aspiring teacher says: “I want to inspire young children, especially girls.” arrow
Uganda ACTS
young girl