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Blogs and Opinion Request for Proposals for Endline Evaluation of the Addressing Child Trafficking & Slavery (ACTS) Project

Request for Proposals for Endline Evaluation of the Addressing Child Trafficking & Slavery (ACTS) Project

Terms of Reference: Request for Proposals for Endline Evaluation of the Addressing Child Trafficking & Slavery (ACTS) Project (Funded by the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery (GFEMS)
(Download Word document, 65kb)


Date: Monday June 6, 2022

Closure date: Sunday June 19, 2022

Contracting organization: Hope for Justice


A.   Description of the Request

Hope for Justice Uganda are procuring a consultant/s to carry out an endline evaluation of the ACTS project, which contributes towards a reduction of child sexual exploitation through improving trauma-informed care services for survivors across Uganda.



B.   About Hope for Justice

Hope for Justice is a global charity organisation that currently operates in more than 30 locations across five continents. Using a trauma informed approach, Hope for Justice programmes aim to end modern slavery by preventing exploitation, rescuing victims, restoring lives and reforming society. In Uganda, Hope for Justice operates four shelters (approved children’s homes called Lighthouses) where children rescued from trafficking and exploitative situations are supported with key tailor-made restorative care in preparation for eventual reintegration into their families/communities or alternative care. Hope for Justice programmes are also designed to influence the attitudes and systems that lead to unsafe family-child separation and work with vulnerable families and communities to build their capacity to protect children and hence reduce vulnerability to trafficking and exploitation.


C.   Project Overview

The project is led by Hope for Justice UK working through its country office in Uganda; the University of Nottingham Rights Lab, UK; and Platform for Labour Action, Uganda (PLA). Hope for Justice has a known presence and reputation in working with child victims and survivors of modern slavery in Uganda; the Rights Lab is world-renowned for its research and practice in combatting modern slavery; and PLA specialises in the provision of legal and vocational support to children and young people who are victims of commercial sexual exploitation (CSE). The Addressing Child Trafficking and Slavery (ACTS) project was designed to deliver an integrated suite of activities at multiple levels in order to address issues surrounding the commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking of children in Kampala. The ACTS project is part of a portfolio of projects funded by GFEMS in East Africa.


The project will close at the end of October 2022.


The overall intended impact of the project is that it contributes towards reduced prevalence of modern slavery among child victims of sexual exploitation and forced labour in Kampala, Uganda.


Download the full Terms of Reference for this Request for Proposals to see the Project Outcomes, Project Objectives, the Objective and Scope of the Request, Proposed Methodology, Expected Deliverables, Audience, Consultant Profile, what the Proposal should include and how to respond. 


The Application Form is available for download separately.



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