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A 16-year-old girl who was sexually abused by her uncle has found a place to call home, after her community sadly shunned her for exposing his crimes to the world.

Alumu’s* uncle was abusing her trust in him, and exploiting her repeatedly for sex. She understood that what was being done to her was wrong and a violation, and she bravely reported it.

Thankfully, the police intervened and he was arrested.

Alumu was referred to a Hope for Justice Lighthouse for care and protection in 2022. She received trauma-informed care services including psychosocial support, business skills training, life skills and healthcare information, as well as education on human trafficking. She also began vocational training with a partner organisation, to pursue her passion in tailoring.

When the social workers spoke with her family, some relatives made it clear the young girl was not welcome home. They couldn’t understand why she would report her uncle and believed she ought to have stayed quiet. Hope for Justice realized it might no longer be safe for her there, and in May 2023 she was reintegrated to live with her stepmother instead. She is now a self-employed tailor and still living with her stepmother.

During a follow-up visit in June 2023, they were provided support with income-generation activities, to improve their financial stability and resilience. Alumu aspires to expand her business and buy the land for them to have their own house.

*Name and image changed to protect survivor’s identity

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