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Top News Hope for Justice marks 12th annual Anti-Slavery Day

Hope for Justice marks 12th annual Anti-Slavery Day

To raise awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking, and to encourage businesses and policymakers to take action this Anti-Slavery Day, Hope for Justice is running a week of events alongside a campaign as a member of the Coalition to Stop Slavery. 


Today, we are hosting Hidden in Plain Sight, a webinar which equips people in any area of life to spot the signs of modern slavery, and shares the powerful story of how one church trained by Hope for Justice went on to help uncover the UK’s largest modern-slavery network. 


We’ll also be celebrating the launch of the Leeds Pledge to Tackle Modern Slavery with the City Council, West Yorkshire Police, Leeds Health and Care Partnership, and other charities supporting victims of modern slavery in the area. The aim behind the pledge is to encourage organisations and individuals across the city to play a part in protecting their supply chains from modern slavery, identifying and supporting victims. 


Over on LinkedIn, we’ll be running a live Q&A session on how antislavery fits into organisation’s ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) activities. We’ll be picking up that discussion in more detail on Thursday at an online roundtable for businesses, chaired by Slave-Free Alliance Director Marc Stanton and with input from our specialist Technical Services team. 


Focusing in on the fashion industry, a webinar on Wednesday aimed at fashion students and young professionals will look at how they can stand against slavery and exploitation in their future careers. 


It’s not just individuals and businesses we’re calling on to take action this anti-slavery day. As a member of the Coalition to Stop Slavery, we are also petitioning the Government to ban the import of goods tainted by slave labour. You can add your name here. 


Hope for Justice has also produced a suite of social media assets and resources so you can help us spread awareness of modern-day slavery and human trafficking. 


We have already had more organisations than any other year looking to be involved in Anti-Slavery Day, and this year is the first time that the anti-trafficking sector have come together, as the Coalition, to mount a joint campaign. So, we are confident that this year Anti-Slavery Day can bring us tangibly closer to wiping out modern-day slavery. 

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