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Top News New Coalition says It’s Time to Stop Slavery

New Coalition says It’s Time to Stop Slavery

As members of the new Coalition to Stop Slavery, Hope for Justice and 16 other anti-trafficking organisations are hoping this year’s Anti-Slavery Day campaign will have the biggest impact yet. 


With the latest estimates suggesting that 50 million people worldwide are caught in modern-day slavery, the coalition has come together to make clear: it’s time to stop slavery. 


This Anti-Slavery Day, we want to see: 

  • A major shift in the UK public’s understanding of modern slavery, so millions more people know the signs of modern slavery and how to report any concerns of modern slavery and human trafficking.  
  • The Government ban the import of all products tainted by forced labour and modern slavery. 


To do this, we’ve partnered with the film-makers behind the John Lewis Christmas adverts to create two hard-hitting videos exposing how modern slavery can easily be found in car washes and nightclubs. 



But we can’t do it without you. You can join the coalition’s campaign to call an end on slavery by: 



Craig Prest, Director of Digital and Communications at Hope for Justice said: “We know we are stronger and louder when we work together and speak with one voice. That makes the potential of this Coalition truly exciting. We hope together we can make this Anti-Slavery Day campaign the biggest, and hopefully the most impactful, the UK has seen.  


“At Hope for Justice, we believe we can be the generation to end modern-day slavery. So we are calling on members of the public, businesses and the Government to all play their part by raising awareness of the signs of modern slavery, and making the UK’s supply chains slavery-free.” 


Hope for Justice and Slave-Free Alliance are holding a week of events for individuals and businesses around Anti-Slavery Day. If you want to find out more about increasing your business’ resilience against modern slavery, or fundraise for freedom, there’s a way for everyone to get involved. 


Coalition Member Organisations 


Alongside Hope for Justice, the Coalition to Stop Slavery includes: 

Anti-Slavery International 



City Hearts 



Hope at Home 

International Justice Mission 

Justice and Care 

Medaille Trust 

Migrant Help 



Sophie Hayes Foundation 

The Anti-Slavery Collective 

The Salvation Army 

Tribe Foundation 


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