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Top News Tim Nelson captures joyful moment as teen girl reunited with family

Tim Nelson captures joyful moment as teen girl reunited with family

Hope for Justice CEO, Tim Nelson, has been spending time with our teams in Ethiopia. He recorded this joyful moment when a young girl who had been in our care was reunited with her family after we successfully traced them:

Tim Nelson at the emotional moment that the family were reunited

Transcript > Tim Nelson: “We’re just here in a place called Sodo in southern Ethiopia. It’s a very, very rural area. And we’ve just had the amazing privilege of bringing a 12-year-old girl back to her mum. She was trafficked into Addis Ababa and has been working and forced into domestic work and exploitation. She’s been away for seven months, from her family, and it’s an incredibly privileged position to be able to stand back and watch this child be brought back to her family.

“The social worker who’s been part of the case this week has been out bringing children back to their families, will stay for the next couple of hours working with government officials and the families to make sure that they are stable.

“We look after those families for up to two years after. We’ve currently got a 96% success rate, that those children will still be back in families two years on. So I just want to thank every single person that is supporting Hope for Justice, that is enabling us to see children being brought back to families. It never gets old. And if you’re able to help support us, I just really, really appreciate all of your help and support. Thank you.”

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