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Top News USA: Man charged with sex trafficking

USA: Man charged with sex trafficking

A suspected human trafficker has been indicted and arrested following a joint investigation between Hope for Justice and a human trafficking task force. The joint investigation has located at least four victims of sex trafficking.


The suspect was formally charged by a grand jury last month, with counts of trafficking for a commercial sex act, promoting prostitution and money laundering.


A human trafficking task force contacted Hope for Justice asking for investigative assistance with the case, which involved a Latin American female victim of human trafficking who had been trafficked to a state in the southeast US.


Hope for Justice’s team of licensed investigators began supporting the police investigation in 2021 by conducting surveillance, carrying out online research and other investigative work.



Our investigators, based in Tennessee, obtained information from a source which helped us identify two women connected to the case.


At least four possible sex trafficking victims have been located in the southeastern United States as part of the investigation.


An arrest warrant was served on the suspected trafficker, and law enforcement served search warrants on his property, seizing a number of items as evidence.


The case is ongoing and is yet to go to trial so we are unable to share further details at this time.


In the US and other countries, we run Hubs staffed by licensed investigators and engagement teams, who have decades of experience with agencies including the FBI and NCIS. They work with law enforcement and other agencies to identify victims of human trafficking, build bridges of trust with them and get them safely our of exploitation.


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