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Top News Urgent Joint Briefing on Amendment 5 to the Illegal Migration Bill

Urgent Joint Briefing on Amendment 5 to the Illegal Migration Bill

Hope for Justice has joined with more than 50 charities, NGOs and human rights organisations to issue an urgent joint briefing on the Illegal Migration Bill as it goes through Parliament, for it to be amended so that the rights and freedoms of victims and survivors of modern slavery are protected.

By issuing this joint briefing, we are coming together as different sectors but with one voice and one overarching message – that human rights must be protected for all.

In the briefing, we state that domestic UK legislation must be in line with our country’s international obligations to people seeking refuge and to victims of modern slavery and human trafficking. This is our legal responsibility as a country that has signed and ratified the following treaties: European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), Refugee Convention 1951, UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) 1989, Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings 2008, and the UN Conventions on Statelessness (1954) and (1961).

Phillipa Roberts, Head of Policy and Research (Solicitor) at Hope for Justice, explains: “When one group of people’s human rights are threatened, all our human rights are under threat, so we should all be concerned about this Bill. We need to always remember behind every piece of legislation is a person, in fact, many thousands of people, who have suffered unimaginable horrors and are desperately seeking refuge, safeguarding, protection and support.”


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