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Top News Uganda: 14-year-old girl reunited with family after 12 years

Uganda: 14-year-old girl reunited with family after 12 years

Thanks to Hope for Justice, Becky* is now happily living with her aunt and cousins, who had been looking for Becky since her mother died when she was just two.


Becky told us: “I am so grateful for what Hope for Justice has done for me while staying at the Lighthouse. I want to work so hard in school, succeed and make them proud. I will forever be grateful for the love and care they have given me.”


After Becky’s mother died, her aunt and cousins on her mother’s side searched for Becky, but with no contact details for her father, they lost hope. Meanwhile, Becky’s alcoholic father allegedly sexually abused his daughter.


Eventually the father was arrested, and Becky was taken in by a children’s home, where she lived for around ten years. When Covid-19 hit Uganda, most of the children were returned to their biological families. The police brought Becky to one of Hope for Justice’s Lighthouses.


Becky showed signs of depression when she first arrived. Our team introduced her to cognitive behavioural therapy, as well as group counselling. Gradually, Becky began to recover, and rediscover her confidence.


Over the next two months, Becky enjoyed a host of different activities at the Lighthouse, including lessons, sports, crafts, and life skills sessions. She began to think further about her future after participating in business skills training.


Meanwhile, our team searched for Becky’s family, through their local network. They discovered that Becky’s aunt had always wanted Becky to live with her. We were then able to reunite a delighted Becky with her aunt, and her cousins.


Becky’s aunt said: ‘‘Thank you very much for taking care of Becky, I thought that I would never see her again.”


Becky is now at school, and dreams of becoming a doctor. We continue to support her, to ensure she settles well in her new family, and are also supporting with school fees.


*Name has been changed to protect survivor’s identity 

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