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Top News Traffickers ID’d in 8-month cold case

Traffickers ID’d in 8-month cold case

Hope for Justice has intervened in a cold sex trafficking case, successfully identifying the traffickers and making a federal prosecution possible. 

A survivor of trafficking and her child came to our team in North Carolina seeking assistance to find a place to live. Through detailed interviews, our investigators soon discovered that although her experiences had been reported to police officers in her home state, her traffickers had never actually been identified nor prosecuted for their crimes. 

Our investigators got to work. Through in-depth intelligence gathering and surveillance, we managed to identify both traffickers.

Our evidence and intelligence was passed to a federal agency, and we are continuing to collaborate to ensure those responsible are brought to justice. We suspect the two people identified could lead us to a wider organized network.

One of Hope for Justice’s investigators said: “The traffickers would have never been identified and this case would not have had the attention of federal law enforcement if we had not pushed deeper into this and utilized open-source intelligence. Prior to our North Carolina team’s findings, the case had been sitting cold for eight months.”

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