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Top News New Anti-Slavery Commissioner visits Hope for Justice

New Anti-Slavery Commissioner visits Hope for Justice

Hope for Justice welcomed the UK’s new Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, Eleanor Lyons, to our Manchester Office today to talk about our UK Programmes and meet members of the team.

Eleanor Lyons (centre) with Slave-Free Alliance Director, Marc Stanton, and Hope for Justice UK Programme Director, Kerry Brighouse

Eleanor Lyons said after her visit: “I am really pleased to have had the opportunity to visit Hope for Justice in Manchester and meet with some of the Independent Modern Slavery Advocates (IMSAs). This programme, in partnership with the British Red Cross and the Snowdrop Project [and Bakhita Centre for Research on Slavery, Exploitation and Abuse], is a great example of a collaborative approach that places survivors’ needs at the heart of it. The IMSAs’ advocacy work for victims and survivors of the most appalling crimes of modern slavery and human trafficking is so important.”

Eleanor Lyons with Hope for Justice CEO, Tim Nelson

Eleanor added: “It is clear to me that listening to each individual and offering tailored and trauma-informed support are essential to their recovery journey; and equipping them with the right information along the way empowers them to overcome challenges and make decisions that are right for them. The IMSAs demonstrate a model that works and it is essential that more victims and survivors have access to the programme.”

She began in her new role earlier this week after being appointed in October, following a lengthy period with no-one in the post ever since Dame Sara Thornton’s three-year term ended. Eleanor Lyons was formerly the Deputy Children’s Commissioner.

“We are looking forward to working together with the new Commissioner to continue to strengthen the UK response to modern slavery and support for survivors.”

Kerry Brighouse, UK Programme Director at Hope for Justice

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