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Top News Family ‘overwhelmed with joy’ to be reunited with 14-year-old daughter

Family ‘overwhelmed with joy’ to be reunited with 14-year-old daughter

An Ethiopian girl who was at risk of being trafficked is now safe and well, and has had an emotional reunion with her family.


Thanks to Hope for Justice, 14-year-old Asnaku* is now happily living at home again, and has returned to school. One of our team said it was a truly emotional moment when Asnaku’s mother saw her daughter for the first time. Overwhelmed with joy, she threw her arms around Asnaku, as she thanked Hope for Justice and welcomed her home once again.


Asnaku’s brother worked in the city, and had told her she could find well-paid work and have a better life there. But once she arrived, she couldn’t find her brother. Lost and confused, she roamed the streets until she was found by the police, who brought her to one of Hope for Justice’s Lighthouses.


When Asnaku first arrived, she was angry and fought with other children. She struggled to communicate, and she would cry a great deal. Our experienced team provided individual and group counselling, and gradually, she became calmer and more compassionate towards others.


In time, Asnaku became more confident and assertive, and developed leadership skills through taking part in group discussions and activities, and life skills sessions. After a month in our care, Asnaku was keen to return home and to school.


After contacting Asnaku’s parents, we took Asnaku home. We continue to stay in touch with the family, to ensure Asnaku is doing well.


*Name has been changed to protect the identity of the survivor

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