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Our teams are seeing a disturbing trend.

Children in Uganda with serious medical conditions, infections and disabilities are being targeted by predators and traffickers. 

Traffickers target these children for a heartbreaking reason: they think that by forcing them to beg on the streets, passers-by will be upset by the child’s physical appearance or disability and will give a few coins. But the trafficker takes the money and keeps the children in appalling conditions, sometimes forcing them into forced labour or sexual exploitation too. 

Parents in rural villages and urban slums are struggling as the economic crisis bites, and for those caring for children with intensive medical needs, life can seem impossible. We are seeing children who have been neglected or abandoned by their families, and others whose families have been lied to by traffickers, given false promises of access to better medical care in the city. Of course, the trafficker provides no medical care nor education – they just profit from the child’s pain.

Photo taken during Hope for Justice outreach work in Kampala, Uganda

Hope for Justice relies on public donations and we desperately need to serve more of these children who have chronic illnesses, undernourishment, and immune-suppressed infections. Our community prevention teams are identifying so many of these children on the streets, being made to do things they do not want to do – you can help ensure we can provide a shelter space for them too. 

Please, help Keep Hope Alive for children with chronic illnesses and disabilities who are being targeted by traffickers.

It costs us on average $1,000 per month to care for each child with chronic medical needs at our Lighthouse shelters in Uganda. That covers food, transport to hospitals and medical costs, psychological care and other essentials. This usually reduces to around $600 a month once the child is stabilized and he or she has received urgent treatment. 

Without your help, the number of children we can care for is severely limited.

This appeal is specifically for our Lighthouses: everything you give will go DIRECTLY towards caring for vulnerable children at our Lighthouse shelters.

You may be facing financial hardship and uncertainty yourself – if you feel unable to contribute right now, we completely understand. We just ask that you give what you can, if you can.

We believe our light shines brightest in the darkness.