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How will my gift be used?

Hope for Justice works in the UK and globally to end human trafficking and modern-day slavery. There are thought to be 136,000 victims in the UK alone, and this number is increasing as human traffickers target desperate refugees fleeing conflict zones.


Learn more about what Modern Slavery is and how it looks in the UK today – it’s happening in every town and city. It could be on your doorstep.


You can also find out more about What We Do at Hope for Justice to fight back, as part of our four-pillar approach: preventing exploitation, rescuing victims, restoring lives, and reforming society. Hope for Justice has Hubs around the UK staffed by outreach workers and multilingual community teams who engage directly with those hardest to reach, as well as a dedicated team who help survivors get their lives back on track.



Did you know?


  • The oldest person we have freed from modern slavery was in their 60s, and another had been trapped in domestic slavery for 37 years. The youngest was just 3 months old.



Hope for Justice helps tens of thousands of people each year. People like Lisa, who was desperate for somewhere to live. She said yes to a man who offered a room in return for doing housework. But soon the threats began, and she was forced her to sell drugs. Then it got worse… He got her hooked and used her addiction to keep her under control as he turned the flat into a brothel.


Luckily Hope for Justice managed to speak with her, after someone we had trained to spot the signs got in contact. We got her away into a safe house in another part of the UK, and offered ongoing support. Today, Lisa is doing well and is in a good job.


Her case worker at Hope for Justice said: “She is doing really well – she has totally turned her life around, adapted to her newfound freedom and is settling into a new area. She is embracing the fresh start we have been able to facilitate for her. ”


Thank you to everyone who supports Hope for Justice and empowers victories like this!


By giving a gift to Hope for Justice today that is matched by St Helen’s Farm, you could help more people like Lisa to rediscover their freedom.


*St Helens Farm will match every gift given to Hope for Justice via this webpage before March 31st 2023, up to a maximum of £10,000. St Helen’s Farm is also giving Hope for Justice a separate donation of £10,000 as a contribution to our life-changing work in the UK and around the world.


Name and image changed to protect identity of survivor

young girl