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Working with the DEA and HIDTAs

After successfully training federal agents at the Drug Enforcement Administration in New York, Hope for Justice was invited to provide human trafficking training at other DEA offices and HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) Programs around the country. 

We wish to continue this training in 2024 because of the immense value it brings to law enforcement officers and agents, and most importantly to victims and survivors of human trafficking. We can only make this possible if we can secure the funding for the trainings.  

“Law enforcement is waking up to the fact that there is a real nexus between human trafficking and drug trafficking – the perpetrators are often the same people.” 

Dr. Richard Schoeberl, Hope for Justice U.S. Team Leader for Investigations & Training

Hope for Justice Investigator and Trainer Bill Loucks (pictured below), who knows the issues firsthand, having been a former law enforcement officer for more than 15 years, said: “Human trafficking training for law enforcement is critical to effectively fight modern-day slavery.”  

He and fellow investigator Jeff Bolettieri later provided similar training to the New England HIDTA. Jeff said: “How can we eradicate modern slavery? The answer is education. We must bring awareness to everyone. Not only law enforcement and prosecutors, but also healthcare providers, hospitality, banking personnel and the general public. The police cannot do this alone.” 

Can you partner with us to extend this valuable program for summer and fall 2024? Help ensure law enforcement gets the training it needs to respond appropriately to human trafficking.