Our Team

Professional - Passionate - Pioneering

We exist to bring an end to modern slavery by preventing exploitation, rescuing victims, restoring lives and reforming society.


“We’ve brought together a multi-disciplinary team to combat a complex crime which has a profound impact upon its victims.

Our highly experienced staff  are bringing expert care and innovative strategies to their work with victims, partner organisations, law enforcement and government. I’m incredibly proud of the work they do each day.”

Ben Cooley
Chief Executive Officer

Our Global Executive Team

Experienced Leadership Committed to Ending Slavery

Elaine Jones International Operations Director

Neil Wain International Programme Director

Tim Nelson

Tim Nelson International Development Director

Neil Cossey Chief Financial Officer

Donovan Palmer Chief Strategy Officer

Craig Prest Director of Digital & Communications

Our Country Leadership

Lynn Kay Australia Director

Maggie Crewes Cambodia Director

David Wald Ethiopia Director

Sondre Høysæter Norway Director

Florence Soyekwo Uganda Director

Richard Schoeberl US Investigations Team Leader

Paul McAnulty UK & Europe Programme Director

Sidan Sin Cambodia Programme Director

Moses Wangadia Uganda Programme Director

Dereje Zeleke Ethiopia Programme Director

Global Senior Leadership Team

Steve Thomas Director of Finance & Administration

Patrick Proctor Head of Programme Operations

Tim Ogdon Head of Partnerships Operations

Adam Hewitt Head of Digital & Communications

Alan Charlesworth Head of Operations & Risk

Marc Stanton Slave-Free Alliance Director

Helen Sharp HR Manager

Board of Directors / Trustees

Peter Elson (Chairman)

Allan Gibson    Natalie Grant    Chris Almond

‘Foluke Ajayi    Robert Camp

Talita Bentley    Stephen Illingworth    Mike Brock

   Bronce Rodgers    Tory Sherman

“For me it did start by going across the world but now it’s turned into realizing that it’s just about going across the street. There is need all around us.”


Natalie Grant, Co-Founder, Hope for Justice (Intl.)
on ending human trafficking in our generation.

Our Heritage

A global partnership to end slavery

Hertiage - Abolition International logo

Abolition International

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, US, Abolition International worked to bring an end to sex trafficking and exploitation through education, empowerment, and quality restorative care.

Heritage - Hope for Justice logo

Hope for Justice (UK)

Based in Manchester, UK, Hope for Justice (UK) worked to rescue and assist victims of modern-day slavery, supporting the prosecution of traffickers and campaigning to protect victims.

Heritage - Transitions Global logo

Transitions Global

Based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Transitions Global worked to restore the lives of young girls rescued from sex trafficking in Cambodia, through the power of a dream.



Retrak worked primarily in Africa and other countries around the world to ensure that no child is forced to live on the street, through outreach, transitional support and reintegration into family-based care.