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Case Studies Morgiana’s story: Mother-of-two who escaped forced prostitution receives life-changing support

Morgiana’s story: Mother-of-two who escaped forced prostitution receives life-changing support

A woman who escaped a life of forced prostitution in the UK has seen her family’s security and stability improve vastly thanks to Hope for Justice.

Morgiana*, who is in her mid-20s, travelled to the UK with her two children from their home in a Central European country, in search of a better quality of life.

But on their arrival, she was forced into prostitution by a man who trapped her in this situation for more than a year. The perpetrator has since been convicted for his exploitation of Morgiana and several other women.

The mother, her partner, son and daughter, were referred to Hope for Justice by a local authority in North West England.

One of Hope for Justice’s Independent Modern Slavery Advocates (IMSAs), who has been working on their behalf, said: “At the time, Morgiana and her family had no income and were in significant debt. They had no access to welfare benefits and were at risk of losing their accommodation.”

Hope for Justice completed an initial assessment before referring them to a housing solicitor and liaising with their local council to arrange housing benefits so that the family could pay their rent. We also organised for food parcels and clothing for the children to be delivered to their home during the COVID-19 crisis.

We provided further assistance by liaising with the family’s local Citizens Advice Bureau to seek out additional support and applied for them to obtain settled status in the UK, which has now been granted.

Hope for Justice’s IMSA said: “This will provide the family with significant security in the UK and continued access to mainstream benefits and support from the local authority. We are also delighted that Morgiana’s partner has secured a job which will further improve the family’s overall stability.

“We are glad to see this family getting back on their feet and receiving the support their deserve. We hope that this restorative, ongoing care will help Morgiana in her recovery. We are excited for their future.”

*Name and image changed to protect identity of victim

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