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Case Studies Dan’s story: Ready to face new challenges thanks to life skills training

Dan’s story: Ready to face new challenges thanks to life skills training

Dan* is a 15-year-old boy who lives with his single mother in a Kampala slum. In a low-income household, Dan has been exposed to several challenges. School fees were too much for his mother to afford on her own, so Dan had to try to find work at a garage so he could contribute towards the fees.

Even with this employment, he still worried about completing education with his family’s financial difficulties. Dan also lacked problem-solving skills and was badly behaved and engaged in child-to-child sexual practices due to peer pressure.

Dan enrolled in life skills class in his community, facilitated by Hope for Justice, that are aimed at equipping children and young teenagers with the skills to understand who they are, appreciate where they are going and what challenges are along the way. Evidence-based studies have demonstrated how these classes lead to the adoption of positive behaviours that enable more young people to realise their dreams. 

In Dan’s case, he acquired skills to improve his self-awareness, decision making, critical thinking, communication, inter-personal relationships and resilience. Today, Dan believes in himself and is confident about his ability to solve problems around him. He has dropped his unhealthy relationships, made good friends and said he believes even more in the importance of education.

“I was troubled about school fees. However, through life skills, I have learnt how I can manage such difficulties. I have been encouraged to face challenges when they come. Challenges will not discourage me from pursuing my dreams. I am ready to continue with my garage work to contribute to my school fees. Thank you for encouraging me!”


Dan is committed to continuing with his studies as he learns his trade as a mechanic. His relationship with his mother has improved and he knows he will succeed in life.

*Name changed and image blurred to protect identity

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