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Blogs and Opinion BBC News coverage of daily marathon fundraising challenge

BBC News coverage of daily marathon fundraising challenge

BBC News has interviewed Aaron Robinson, who is running a marathon every single day before work to raise money and awareness for the work of Hope for Justice.

The BBC reports on Aaron’s routine of going to bed at 7pm and waking up at 3am, so that he can have breakfast and run his marathon before starting work.

“In order to do this you need to have self-discipline, four alarm clocks, and you need to have no social life,” he says. “You have to sacrifice a lot.”

The full piece, broadcast on BBC London News on 7th July, is below:

The BBC report says: “His motivation, he says, is partly to break records and partly to raise money for the charity he works for, Hope for Justice, which fights against modern-day slavery. ‘I’m running for people who are in a far worse condition than me, who are literally forced into conditions that they can’t escape from, like sexual slavery for example. The pain I’m in compared to them is nothing. I think about that a lot.'”

Aaron is Internal Communications and Employee Engagement Manager at Hope for Justice.

You can track his daily marathon challenge and offer your support at: My Crazy Collies – A MARATHON A DAY. EVERY DAY. WITH MY DOGS.