Men are victims

Over 22.8 million victims of modern slavery are men

Watch A Call from Home, our new film inspired by stories of male modern-slavery survivors... stories filled with phrases we hear all too often, such as "I wanted to provide for my family" or "I needed a job".
And even more male victims are likely to be hidden away, uncounted. We want to raise awareness about this often-overlooked group of victims. Why? Because we want to live in a world where everyone is free from human trafficking. We will continue to fight to ensure that all victims are seen, but we can’t do it alone. We need you.

Let’s be the generation to end human trafficking.

What can you
do to help?

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Why are male victims overlooked?


Research shows that male victims often do not want to come forward because of feelings of embarrassment as there is a stigma around asking for help. The traditional “masculine” stereotype can stand in the way of male victims asking for help, and disclosing such information can often bring about feelings of shame or can trigger flashbacks.

We have seen cases of men not wanting to return home empty handed, and so do not want to contact their families even once they have been helped out of exploitation.


Male survivors of trafficking need access to comprehensive and culturally appropriate assistance to meet their needs. Assistance such as: housing, health, legal support, and employment assistance.

While some governments have made progress to improve the anti-trafficking response for male victims, there is a still a long way to go to make sure men and boys are not overlooked victims in our societies.

It’s happening in our own towns and cities. It could be on your doorstep.

We want to raise awareness about modern slavery across the world and educate more people on the issue, so that they can spot the signs and play a part in ending human trafficking.

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