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Megan* was only fifteen when she was groomed by a man she met online 

Megan ran away from home to meet him in person. During their ‘relationship’, he got her addicted to heroin and then began trafficking her for sexual exploitation.  

Megan’s mother felt frantic and helpless, she was in despair at what a trafficker was doing to her daughter, so she gathered all the information about the trafficker that she could find, and she called Hope for Justice. Thankfully, Hope for Justice investigators tracked down where the trafficker was taking her next. We caught up with them and managed to get Megan to a safe shelter and then back to her family.  

Megan’s mother said: “When I received a call that she was safe, words can’t explain it enough. I was so overwhelmed and so grateful.” 

Human trafficking is changing, adapting, and growing. Their recruitment methods have adapted to new technologies, meaning more and more children are at risk of online grooming. Last year, Hope for Justice found that 39 out of 44 girls in one of our Lighthouses were first groomed online before being trafficked. This means that we too must adapt, to prevent more young girls from ever being trafficked in the first place. 

With your help, we were able to reach 203,352 children and adults in the last year. From reintegrating children with their families, to training professionals to spot the signs of human trafficking, to directly removing victims from exploitation, we wouldn’t have been able to do any of this amazing work without your support. 

We invite you to stand with us against online perpetrators and traffickers, to stand for justice and for freedom. By giving a gift this Christmas season, you can help rescue more children and teens like Megan, help more survivors to rebuild their lives, and protect vulnerable people from falling prey to traffickers.

Ending human trafficking for good is going to take us all, coming together with a single purpose and with a belief that change is possible.  

Thank you for being with us.

*Name changed to protect survivor’s identity

Note: Gifts given on this webpage between November 14th and November 29th 2023 were doubled. That match-funding pledge has now been reached. You can still give to this appeal but gifts can no longer be doubled.

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