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As a thank you for you, we’ve developed a fun activity you can do with your family: Making your own Hope for Justice Swallow!

Watch: how to create your own origami bird

What bird do you associate with this time of year?

For most people, the answer is the robin. But at Hope for Justice, we think at Christmas of the bird in our logo, the swallow. In the winter, swallows fly 6,000 miles south. It takes them six weeks of exertion, extreme weather, and the risk of starvation and exhaustion. But despite all this, swallows nearly always come back to the same colony – and almost half return to the exact same nest.

At Hope for Justice, generous donors like you help people find freedom from exploitation and trafficking, and be safely reunited with their families. So together we make this origami bird to represent the growing global movement to end modern slavery for good.

You can use these instructions to make your own origami bird! We’d love to see your birds too, post a photo of it on social media with the hashtag #GiveFreedom (tag us @hopeforjustice on Facebook or Twitter/X or @hopeforjusticeintl on Instagram) to raise awareness and share in the fight to end modern slavery.

young girl