for freedom

No-one can do everything, but we can all do something! Running, walking, baking, cycling, singing, climbing, head-shaving, arts and crafts... what will you do to help someone find their freedom?

How your fundraising could change the world

If you want to live in a world free from slavery, you can be part of the movement for change. Raising funds takes a little effort and a little imagination, but it truly changes lives! You can fundraise for Hope for Justice in so many different ways, whether you have your own plan or want a little inspiration.

Fundraise with

Facebook is such an easy way to host a fundraiser - it's not just for birthdays! Facebook charges no fees to you nor to Hope for Justice, so 100% of what you raise goes to our work. Just make sure to post regular updates and don't be afraid to ask people to chip in!

Fundraise with

Over 95% of British postcodes have raised money or donated on JustGiving and it is one of the best-known fundraising platforms there is! JustGiving offers lots of tools to help your Hope for Justice fundraiser succeed and get us closer to a world free from slavery.

Fundraising Events

Hope for Justice arranges and joins fundraising events throughout the year, why not see what is coming up and if you could join in? Whether you're looking for something fun and social, or want to push your body to the limit with an Extreme Challenge, there's an event for everyone!

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