Our Plan


Hope for Justice identifies and rescues victims, advocates on their behalf, provides restorative care which rebuilds lives and trains frontline professionals to tackle slavery.

From six offices across three continents we operate a proven multi-disciplinary model
based on years of combined experience.

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We train frontline professionals such as the police, care homes, doctors and outreach programs to identify victims and/or work appropriately with them.

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Our specialist Investigators identify victims of human trafficking, build bridges of trust with them and remove them from situations of exploitation.

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We secure criminal and civil justice for victims and advocate for access to housing and health services and the cancellation of debts created by traffickers.

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We work with victims to overcome trauma and rebuild their lives. Our restorative care homes offer tailored programs and we help partners develop accredited programs too.

Where We Work

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What Is a ‘Rescue’?

We use the word ‘rescue’ when the intervention of our specialist staff directly removes a victim of human trafficking from a situation of exploitation or from a profound vulnerability to exploitation.

Rescues range from month-long surveillance operations, which develop into contacting a victim and safely removing them from exploitation, to attending homeless shelters to meet victims referred to us by shelter staff who have been trained by Hope for Justice and then arranging that victim’s entry into safehouse accommodation.

No matter how we get to the point of meeting that victim, we celebrate their rescue once it’s happened. Our expert intervention means a life changed and another step taken toward ending slavery for good.

Thank You

“Thank you for everything
you have done for me
and my children”