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Every lock on our Freedom Wall represents a real life changed by Hope for Justice

Erin's Story

Name and image changed to protect survivor’s identity

Here at Hope for Justice, every time we rescue someone from human trafficking, which truly is a form of modern-day slavery, we add an opened padlock to our Freedom Wall as a permanent reminder of a life changed. It pushes and inspires us to work harder every day on behalf of the least, the last and the lost.

When you have listened to Erin’s story, take a moment to reflect on the fact that today, she is safe. She is free. Thanks to Hope for Justice, Erin has “found a place where she belongs” – she is beginning to heal from the terrible things that have happened in her life, which began when she was a child.

This Christmas, Erin and hundreds more are safe. But for so many others, this will be a terrifying and isolated winter trapped in exploitation. Together, we can reach them and we can rescue them. If you are able to give a gift towards our Christmas appeal, please know that it could change a life forever.

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