Developing a model to combat modern slavery across the nation

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August 2015: NEW OFFICE opens – Stavanger, Norway

Hope for Justice is developing programmes to establish Norway as a global leader in survivor identification and care. Our focus will be on educating professionals and connecting survivors with existing services. Through structural transformation our team aims to improve the experience of individuals recovering from modern slavery in Norway.

Training (Norway)

We are committed to raising awareness of the existence of human trafficking and to equipping frontline professionals to combat it.

Hope for Justice is developing training and resources for professionals who are most likely to come into contact with victims of human trafficking, often without even realizing it. This includes the police, social services, border force/immigration officials and the labour department.

Participants will learn how to identify victims, to understand the circumstances that stop people from coming forward for help and how to refer potential victims for help.



“We began Hope for Justice Norway in August 2015. Our vision is to stand in the gaps between services; to ensure that every victim of human trafficking is found and every survivor is cared for appropriately.”

Sondre Høysæter
Norway Director



We’re developing a strategy to help survivors of human trafficking access vital systems.

Our team will work with victims on their financial support, housing, civil compensation and immigration status.



“I’m so happy to be free,
to be alive”