Hope for Justice CEO releases new book: Relentless Pursuit

Have you ever had a crazy out-there idea, a sudden urge to change the world, or a desire to make a difference in your community, but simply did not know where to begin? Or have you started something but come up against setbacks, or seemingly insurmountable hurdles?

Ben Cooley, CEO and co-founder of global anti-slavery charity Hope for Justice, was just 26 when, armed with vision, he booked out an arena and voiced his ambition to eradicate slavery for good in front of some 6,000 people. Ten years on, his idea has developed into a worldwide organisation with a staff team of hundreds who have joined in the fight.

His latest book, Relentless Pursuit, is aimed at people across all walks of life – stay-at-home parents, teachers, politicians, church pastors – all of whom, he says, are leaders in their own right, with the power to make positive change.

Ben Cooley writes: “Many times – be it in business, marriages, families, ministries or campaigns to change the world – it’s possible to begin well and have incredible momentum at first, even getting far beyond where you thought you’d be, and then to encounter challenges and obstacles that slow you down and perhaps even block the way. The skills needed to get going may not work as well when it comes to the effort to keep going. We need to learn how to press on through the glorious middle stretch.”

Relentless Pursuit: Fuel Your Passion and Fulfil Your Mission tells the stories of inspirational leaders, including self-made billionaires, Grammy-award nominated musicians, megachurch pastors, and network marketers, who speak openly and transparently about the struggles they have faced, how they overcame hurdles, maintained momentum and found the pathway to success.

The book, which officially launches today (September 2), is an outgrowth of a podcast series, Dear 26 Year Old Me, in which Ben and his co-hosts interview leaders about what they wish they had known when they were just embarking on their vision. At the end of each chapter, the author presents thought-provoking questions for the reader to consider.

Relentless Pursuit is available at www.bencooley.com/book, Amazon, and many other outlets online and in stores. The royalties from each copy sold will go towards Hope for Justice’s work.

Ben Cooley with members of the Hope for Justice team in Cambodia

Ben Cooley with members of the Hope for Justice team in Cambodia