5,895 METERS (19,341 feet)



In October 2019, Hope for Justice is leading a team of climbers from across the world who are taking on Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. We are doing it to fund freedom for the millions of children and adults trapped in modern slavery right now.

Hope for Justice runs life-changing projects across the world and in other parts of Africa, including Uganda, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe, that are protecting children from modern slavery and getting them home to their parents.

Last year, Hope for Justice reached more than 72,000 children and teenagers through our work – including through direct service provision at our Lighthouse centres, through outreach work on the streets, and through community education and prevention campaigns. During that time, we returned more than 1,000 children safely home to their parents or to family-based care.

Extreme Challenge: Kilimanjaro is a key way for us to expand their work into even more towns, cities and countries to help even more victims. It is also a fantastic opportunity for you to reach a global audience with a clear example of your brand’s social responsibility. I’d love our team to sit down with you and see how your business can join us to change lives and end slavery. Email events@hopeforjustice.org or call 0300 008 8000

Tim Nelson
International Development Director, Hope for Justice

Trek to fight trafficking:
Conquer Kilimanjaro with Hope for Justice

The Extreme Challenge team are trekking Kilimanjaro to fund freedom in October 2019! This arduous seven-day hike is being attempted by a group of volunteers determined to see an end to modern slavery by fundraising for Hope for Justice. Help them hit their goal while also changing lives and ending slavery.

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Two of our very own members of staff will be joining the Extreme Challenge Climbers. Sheralyn Pattison is a modern slavery advocate based in Derby, and Tim Nelson is our International Development Director at the UK head office.

Both are passionate about seeing an end to modern slavery and are using this challenge as an incredible opportunity to raise funds and awareness for the work that Hope For Justice is doing in Africa, and across the world. Support these two as they take on Extreme Challenge by donating to their fundraising campaigns below.