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Break The Cycle: Challenge 2023

Jun 10

Waukee Iowa USA

Break the Cycle 200 is proud to introduce a new way to Live Life at “200.”

Now you can take on the Break the Cycle 200: Challenge.

To Live Life at “200” you don’t have to ride your bike 200 miles one day, it can look like riding 100, 50, or 25 miles to raise awareness and funds to help end modern slavery.

BTC 200 Challenge helps riders of various skill levels take part in doing hard things for people in tough places and we call that living life at “200.”

Globally, human trafficking is at its highest peak in recorded history with 40+ mil entrapped in modern slavery, and in the US, a child is exploited for sex trafficking every 2 min (US Dept of Justice).

This cannot be.

As a participant, you’re joining our mission to bring an end to modern slavery by supporting programs that prevent exploitation, rescue victims, restore lives, and reform society.