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Your role is vital

Church Partners

The church has a vital role to play in helping to end modern slavery and human trafficking. No person or organisation will be able to eradicate this evil by working in isolation. But when the church stands together – united in prayer and action – we believe we will see God move in power.

What does the Bible say about modern slavery?

The Bible speaks of a God who sets the oppressed free. He is a refuge for the oppressed (Psalm 9:9), He proclaims freedom for the prisoners (Luke 4:18), He is close to the broken-hearted (Psalm 34:18), He is a voice for the voiceless (Proverbs 31:8), He makes right decisions for the downtrodden (Isaiah 11:4), He restores people (1 Peter 5:10).

Deuteronomy 13:5 describes the Lord who brought the Israelites out of the land of Egypt and “redeemed them from the house of slavery.” We believe in a God who saves, sets free, binds up, helps, heals, delivers, restores. Hope for Justice’s work is centred around a model that has these Christian values at its core. Our four-pillar approach aims to restore lives that have been affected by modern slavery and ultimately, to prevent this evil from happening in the first place: prevent, rescue, restore, reform. Find out more about what we do.

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What role does the church play?

God has given us a mandate to follow His example. We are called to “act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with [our] God” (Micah 6:8, NIV).

Hope for Justice exists to live in a world free from slavery. This is a big vision which needs every person to play their part.

From the very day Hope for Justice was founded back in 2008, churches have been instrumental in supporting our work – being trained to spot the signs, praying, through regular giving, fundraising and by playing a key role in raising awareness about modern-day slavery and human trafficking in our world. The global scale of the problem has been met with a wave of unity across church communities who have committed themselves to stand with us in ending slavery and changing lives.

The church was pivotal in identifying the first known victims of the largest modern slavery gang in UK history, sparking a four-year investigation. It was one of Hope for Justice’s staff, working alongside a support worker – an advisor from a church group who had received training from the charity on how to spot the signs of modern slavery – who first recognised there were victims in his area within the Polish community. Hope for Justice and West Midlands Police identified 92 victims as part of the investigation, designated Operation Fort, but believe there were as many as 400 in total. Hope for Justice has supported many of the victims in their recovery and as they bravely gave evidence against the gang. Eleven people have been jailed so far, most recently in September 2021.

This case alone shows that it is vital that we train the church in how to identify potential victims, where they are most likely to come into contact with them, and what steps to take if you suspect modern slavery.

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How your Church can help Hope for Justice


In order to make wise decisions for the good of those who are affected by modern day slavery and human trafficking, we need to be informed.

Many of our day-to-day buying habits as consumers impact the people who are at the bottom of supply chains – the weak, the marginalised, those vulnerable to modern slavery.

Hope for Justice delivers Modern Slavery Training that is relevant for anyone involved in policing and law enforcement; central or local government; healthcare and social work; or non-governmental work in the community, such as food banks, drop-in centres, community organisations and outreach, and those working with vulnerable people.

Find out more here.


We have a live prayer page, which is regularly updated with news, information, requests and answers to prayer from across our organisation. Please join with us in praying for these specific areas.

We would love you to partner with us to pray for breakthrough for victims and survivors of modern day slavery and human trafficking, as well as for the traffickers who are oppressing them – that their hearts would be changed.

We would love you to pray for governments and key decision makers as they change existing, and introduce new, legislation and reform. We meet every Wednesday evening to pray together about the issue of modern slavery.

Please email for more information.


Spot the Signs

Learn to spot the signs of modern day slavery and human trafficking. This makes it harder for the traffickers to hide their crimes.

Support Hope for Justice

Donate today to ensure we can see more people rescued and restored from exploitation. Here is our fundraising pack.

Host a Hope Sunday

You can invite a Hope for Justice speaker to come to your church to deliver an inspirational talk. Find out more about how Hope for Justice is fighting human trafficking and helping victims and survivors all around the world.

Join an Abolition Group

Become a part of the Hope for Justice family by joining an Abolition Group – a pool of churches and individuals who educate others on the issue of modern slavery, raise much-needed funds for our work, and become leaders in the anti-slavery movement through their words and actions. To find out more contact us

Use Your Voice

We’ve created some graphics you can download and use for free! Share our content on social media to make others aware of the issue.

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