How Do We Tackle Trauma?

Restoring lives


The Lighthouse is a short-term assessment and transition facility for victims of sex trafficking, forced labour or forced marriage in the days and weeks immediately after rescue. Our intensive programme provides crisis support, family and community assessments, professional interventions and collaborative planning with government agencies to prepare survivors for reintegration into their communities or entry into a longer-term aftercare programme.

Dream Home

Our goal is to reintegrate girls with their families or family-based care. Where that is not possible, our Dream Home provides a safe place to live, offering trauma-informed care while empowering the survivor towards independence. Each girl receives personalised support to heal from her past, with holistic trauma therapy, medical care and life skills training. Almost all girls staying at the Dream Home also attend our Shine School.

Shine School

Our Shine School provides education all the way through 12th grade, and catch-up education that is formally recognised by the Cambodian government for primary (up to 6th grade) and secondary school (up to 9th grade), alongside vocational training and more. Education has a major impact on a survivor’s long-term financial stability, prosperity and resilience to the risk factors that often lead to trafficking.