Look how far your money can reach:

– $25 could provide a hot meal and a change of clothes on the day of rescue –
– $65 could provide the first good night’s sleep in emergency accommodation –
– $130 could provide an interpreter for a rescue and help a survivor tell their story –
– $650 could provide everything a survivor needs for the first 48 hours of their transition to freedom –

Change lives. End slavery.

These videos show the true power of #UnlockingFreedom, which goes far beyond rescue – it is also about healing and restoration for victims of trafficking as they become survivors. The first short film, much of which was made by one of the survivors at our Dream Home in Cambodia, celebrates the ‘house moms’ whose unconditional love and support for the girls and young women we support is a huge part of that healing process. The other film shows a US mother sharing her story about her daughter’s recent rescue from a trafficker.

We celebrate each and every rescued and changed life by putting an unlocked padlock on our Freedom Wall. You can see a picture of it below – each unlocked padlock symbolizes and represents a real story, a real life rescued from misery and exploitation. Successes like this depend on our amazing supporters – extraordinary people just like you who give generously to Hope for Justice to fund freedom.

The fight is far from won. 25 MILLION around the world, each someone’s precious daughter, mother, father or son. Ruthless traffickers brutally exploit them and their bodies for profit. We are absolutely determined to end it – and we need your help unlocking more freedom.

Your Christmas gift will fund Hope for Justice’s investigations and rescues, and support survivors as they begin to heal. Every life matters and all should be cherished. Please, click to donate $20 – or whatever you are able to give – to Be The Key to Unlocking Freedom for them this Christmas.


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