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#KeepHopeAlive and keep Lighthouses open

This is an emergency appeal to keep Hope for Justice’s network of Lighthouses open throughout the next difficult months. We are fully committed to keeping our 11 Lighthouses running despite the coronavirus pandemic, but we can only do that with your support. Some of the most vulnerable people on the planet, children who have been trafficked or faced horrific circumstances living on the streets, depend on us all.

Hope for Justice relies on public donations, but with events and fundraising opportunities all canceled or postponed, the services we offer to children are at risk. We know that many supporters are facing financial hardship and uncertainty at this time and may feel unable to contribute right now, and we completely understand. We just ask that you give what you can.

We believe our light shines brightest in the darkness.


Questions you may have about this appeal and our work

How are your Lighthouses able to stay open with so many governments enforcing restrictions on travel, social distancing and public gatherings?

We have made a number of changes to the way our Lighthouses operate for the safety of our staff and the children in our care. You can read more about these changes here.

How have the COVID-19 related restrictions affected Hope for Justice’s fundraising in the countries where your non-profit operates?

Like many non-profit organizations, much of our income depends on fundraising, events, face-to-face meetings, tours, challenges and conferences. Virtually all of this activity in the countries where we work has had to be canceled for the foreseeable future because of the COVID-19 outbreak. This is one reason why this #KeepHopeAlive appeal is so important – our income will drop but the desperate need for the services we provide among the world’s most vulnerable people will remain.

Is the coronavirus reducing human trafficking?

No, we have seen no evidence of this. Instead, victims will become even more dependent on those that control and manipulate them, and the likely economic instability and insecurity that results from the virus and associated restrictions will mean many more people are vulnerable to such manipulation.

How are children cared for at your Lighthouses?

Our Lighthouses provide temporary care and support for vulnerable and exploited children, keeping them safe from the dangers of the streets or their previous circumstances as we work to assess their physical, mental and emotional health and their circumstances. They get safe shelter, good food, love and care as we work to safely transition them back to their families or to family-based care (though in the current circumstances, travel restrictions will delay this outcome). Our Lighthouses also offer individual and group counseling and are complemented by our Shine Schools, where children receive catch-up education and life skills training. Older children and teenagers also get help with vocational training to develop skills for good-quality employment, helping reduce their vulnerability to human trafficking.