Annual Report

2015 / 2016


Thank you for your incredible support this year. Together, we’re changing the lives of trafficking victims for the better, and delivering victories in the world-wide fight against modern slavery. 

Whether you’re new to Hope for Justice or a long-time champion, there’s so much for us to celebrate together. It’s been a year of growth and expansion, allowing us to help even more people. Our teams on the frontline have been working with record numbers of victims – and while statistics are helpful, I know you agree that when dealing with people, each individual life is precious and each family reunion is to be treasured.


It’s truly a special thing you’re doing – stepping up to be a force for good in our world. Around the globe, in all the countries where Hope for Justice is working on the ground, the pioneering programs you make possible are helping to rescue victims, restore lives and reform society.

Following all of our successes this year, we’re positioned to do even more in the years ahead. I cannot thank you enough for your continued support. Today we’re one step closer to achieving our vision: to live in a world free from slavery.


Ben Cooley


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Globally, We Have Trained


1,869 Healthcare Professionals, 1,673 Local Authority Staff, 1,025 Students and Teachers, 878 From NGOs, 421 Police,          185 Dept. Child Services, 164 Business Leaders, 126 Crown Prosecution Service, 105 Churches and General Community,       85 Probation Officers, 45 Social Workers, 15 Court Employees


We’ve worked with 47% of police forces in England and Wales; 

relaying intelligence, providing victim care on major raids, supporting prosecutions, providing training and offering expert advice based on our own frontline experience and success.


John* had a respected job until a serious assault left him with life-threatening injuries. John could no longer do his current job and was battling to support himself when he saw an advert in a local newspaper for work in a food-packing factory in the UK. On arrival he worked hard, but because of his recurring health problems, he had to leave his job and ended up homeless.

That was when the trafficking began.

*name changed to protect identity



115 Forced Labor

12 Domestic Servitude

8 Sexual Exploitation Cases


Other cases included: Benefit Fraud, Cannabis Cultivation and Organ Harvesting


6 Prosecutions & convictions of traffickers

77 Clients supported at any one time

15 Negative welfare decisions overturned

2 Successful Tribunal appeals

UK figures

“I wish I had known about Hope for Justice years ago. Maybe then I’d have been out of the house a long time ago.”

Ofonime Inuk
Kept as a slave for 24 years, Ofonime was rescued in an operation with the UK London Metropolitan Police



68 Emergency Parcels delivered, 31 Clients’ essential living needs supported, 14 Clients entered employment, 12 Clients into Social Services or mental health support, 10 Clients given employability support, 9 Clients given access to English classes, 6 Clients receiving counselling, 6 Clients in alcohol support

UK figures

In 2015, Lighthouse opened its doors to women and girls rescued from trafficking in any province of Cambodia, some on the very day of their rescue. We offer a soft-landing to each survivor as she begins her recovery.


This new, eight-week intensive program provides immediate crisis support, family and community assessments, interventions, and collaborative planning with government agencies and NGOs to prepare survivors of sex trafficking and labor trafficking for long-term programs or reintegration into their communities.





Shine Career School

The excellence of our in-house education program was honored this year by the Cambodian Ministry of Education, which selected it as the pilot institution for the 9th Grade Equivalency Program.

Twelve of our students, each one a girl in our restorative care programs, are already on track to earn their 9th Grade certificates in August 2016.

10 girls successfully completed their 6th grade certificate, 15 Field trips taken, 18 classes running, 1 graduation from a vocational training placement, 1 graduation from post-high school education, 3 Community Service Projects/Internships undertaken


We assisted 27 girls at the Hope for Justice Dream Home in 2015/16. We provide girls rescued from trafficking aged 13-18 with a safe, loving, full-time place to live. Each girl receives personalized care to heal from her past and move into her future with holistic trauma therapy, medical care, life skills training and sustainable career skills.

Our step-down program, called STAR House, is for young women reintegrating to life on their own from shelter programs in Cambodia. Four girls completed STAR House program to rejoin the community and/or their family.

The Bridge Project rebuilds, strengthens, and restores the relationship of the survivor to her family, community, and society. We helped remove obstacles to a stable home life for 13 former clients and 17 families.

Living in Cambodia with an abusive father barely able to afford one meal a day, Ma Ni* wished for a better future in Thailand – which then became a living nightmare. As a little girl Ma Ni lived in the Battambang Province in Cambodia with her family. The family were extremely poor, only earning enough to eat one meal a day – they were sometimes so desperate they had to beg their neighbours to feed them. She thought she could provide more finance, but was tricked into slavery.

*name changed and actress used to protect identity


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