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Stories of victory over trafficking.

John’s Story

John had a respected job until a serious assault left him with life threatening injuries. John could no longer do his current job and was battling to support himself when he saw an advert in a local newspaper for work in a food packing factory in the UK. On arrival he worked hard but because of his reoccurring health problems, he had to leave his job and ended up homeless. That was when the trafficking began.

Anna’s Story

Meet Anna. You changed her life.

She was forced to work in a factory for six months without pay, living in horrendous conditions.

She said: “Without Hope for Justice I don’t know what would have happened to me or where I would be. If you didn’t help me, maybe I wouldn’t be alive.”

Khalianna’s Story

Khalianna was travelling to the big city when she was befriended and offered a soda. The drink was spiked, Khalianna was drugged and delivered to men who sold her for sex again and again.  Months later she was rescued by police and brought to the Hope for Justice Dream Home. Now she is free.

Srey’s Story

All she knew before her rehabilitation was violence and neglect. She says she never had the chance to experience an abundance of love and care from her family. But for her son, Srey is choosing a different life.

Sabina’s Story

Sabina had no privacy; she spent months sleeping on a mattress on the floor with a strange man who had also been trafficked.  Her trafficker violently assaulted her and sent her to work in unsafe factories. But now she is free, has a home and a good job.

Jerome’s Story

‘Jerome’ was rescued by Hope for Justice after spending months trapped in a situation of forced labour.

In all that time he hadn’t been able to visit his children. This was a brutal blow because providing for them was the very reason he left home in the first place.

Maly’s Story

Maly was sold to a man for her virginity, at just 14 years old. She was extremely abused; by him and by other men he brought to where he kept her captive. Now she is free.

Edward close up

Edward’s Story

Edward was beaten, degraded and made to work exhausting hours. One day, he watched helplessly as he was sold by one man to another man for £300. He knew he was a slave. People ask why don’t men like Edward run? The real question is why do they stay?

Amaya’s Story

Amaya was 14 when her family life went downhill and she was tricked into working at a Cambodian brothel. She was treated, she said, as if she wasn’t human. She was a slave.

William & Samuel’s Story

5 years is a long time. It was for William.

That’s at least as long as he was locked into a cycle of exploitation, moved from city to city across the UK. Every day, ordinary people passed by the house where he was painting and plastering for no pay, at the hands of violent traffickers.

Martin’s Story

When we found Martin, he was in a bad way following repeated bouts of trafficking and exploitation. He had escaped, but only to a destitute life on unfriendly streets. That was until he found out about Hope for Justice at a church soup kitchen. Now he is safe, far from his trafficker, with a chance at a normal life.

Empty hands close up

Magdalene’s Story

Magdalene and each of her children were kept under lock and key. She was delivered every day to a factory where she worked gruelling 12 hour shifts. Every penny of her wages was paid into her trafficker’s bank account. Despite going without food herself, she still couldn’t feed her children with the meagre amount she was given.

Zoe close up

Zoe’s Story

Despite the horrors she faced, Zoe could not understand why anyone, especially a stranger, would want to help her escape. She’d been tricked into being trafficked by a friend and that terrible betrayal had devastated any faith she had in human nature.

NOTE: Names and some details changed to protect identities in all stories.


“I’m so happy to be free,
to be alive”