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About Hope for Justice, the Modern Slavery Act and Our Support


Hope for Justice is a leading anti-slavery and human trafficking charity. Founded in the UK in 2008, we now deliver world-class programmes to combat slavery and serve survivors in the UK, US, Cambodia and Norway.

Our extensive frontline experience,
working directly with victims, sets us apart.

Our Investigative Teams are multi-award winning and our Training Team have delivered sessions to thousands of professionals. Our work has contributed to multiple perpetrator prosecutions, including the imprisonment of the first factory owner found guilty of trafficking offences in the UK.


In 2015 Hope for Justice rescued over 150 victims of modern slavery and human trafficking in the UK the largest proportion of which were trafficked into labour exploitation. Utilising our investigative capability, we support businesses to tackle the threat of modern-day slavery within their business and supply chain assisting businesses where required and offering services and solutions to help prevent modern slavery from occurring.

From individual cases to significant trafficking rings
our victim-centred services deliver results with professionalism.



“Hope for Justice is among those organisations taking the lead in addressing the issue of modern day slavery in today’s Great Britain. Their organisation is the only NGO working from the point of rescue right through to advocacy.


Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer
Devon and Cornwall Police
National Police Lead for Modern Slavery


The Modern Slavery Act 2015

What does the law require?

Any commercial organisation with a turnover of £36mn or more must now prepare a slavery and human trafficking statement for each financial year under section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. That’s around 12,000 companies in the UK.

The legal obligation is to either; make a statement of the steps taken in the last year to ensure that slavery and trafficking isn’t taking place in its business or in its supply chains; or make a statement that the organisation has taken no steps.


What We Offer: In-Depth



Developed from years of experience working directly with victims, law enforcement, other agencies and partners, our training is delivered by frontline practitioners in collaboration with our in-house Training Team.

Sessions are tailored for your business, your team will learn to:

1. Understand human trafficking and modern slavery;

2. Recognise the common indicators to identify potential victims and perpetrators;

3. Know how to respond to concerns or incidents;

4. Know your legal obligations; and,

5. OPTIONAL specialist investigative training.

Includes: Delegate resources with relevant case studies and video resources to enhance understanding.



Hope for Justice have extensive specialist experience identifying modern slavery within the business and labour recruitment sectors. A pro-active, preventative approach is the best way to inspire confidence in your customers and workforce and minimise risk to your brand.

We deliver effective preventative action and strategy by:

1. Working collaboratively with your business to raise awareness of modern slavery with employees at all levels;

2. Consultation on trafficking and slavery prevention strategy;

3. Identifying and working with at-risk suppliers to provide training, business incentives and or anti-slavery strategy guidance.


With backgrounds in criminal investigation and public protection, our expert teams operate out of Regional Investigative Hubs to provide pro-active services to businesses like yours.

Tailored investigative services can include:

1. Referral Route– Present on your sites and/or those of your suppliers providing an independent pathway for employees to seek advice or report incidents of potential modern slavery and labour exploitation.

2. Investigation – Can include employee interviews, on-site fact finding and web-based investigation in response to reports of modern slavery and labour exploitation. We produce Investigation Reports to provide your business with evidence-based findings and clear recommendations to mitigate risks.



Our experienced team can respond where potential victims are identified within your business or supply chain. Acting sensitively and discreetly we safely assess an individuals situation and, if they are identified as trafficked, place them into the Government’s National Referral Mechanism aftercare accommodation.

We provide the safest outcome for the potentially exploited individual(s) by:

1. Collaborating with your business to provide the safest outcome for the victim(s);

2. Providing victims with a clear pathways to escape situations of modern slavery;

3. Offering a discreet, victim-centred service including trauma-informed victim interviews; and,

4. Facilitate entry into safehouse aftercare for the victim.


LEGAL SERVICES – MSA ASSURE with gunnercooke

Hope for Justice have partnered with law firm, gunnercooke, and management consulting firm, gunnercookeConsulting to deliver a specialist legal services package; MSA (Modern Slavery Act) Assure. This partnership can advise your business on the steps you need to take to comply with legal obligations under the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Leading commercial lawyers from gunnercooke are on hand for:

1. drafting policies and procedures;

2. amending supply chain contracts; and,

3. preparing section 54 statements.

Supply chain and procurement experts from gunnercookeConsulting offer direct
engagement with your supply chain to:

4. Conduct an audit of your supply chain to identify any red flags and suggest alternative risk mitigation strategies;

5. Monitor compliance and performance against KPIs; and,

6. Work with your procurement teams to assist with supplier selection.



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