Protect your business and supply chains from modern slavery

Tailored business and supply chain solutions that prevent modern slavery, building your competitive advantage through strengthened public profile, customer confidence and compliance.


“Many companies are already utilising our expertise to turn an emerging business threat into a demonstration of ethical best-practice.”

Neil Wain 
Hope for Justice International Programme Director
Former Assistant Chief Constable, Greater Manchester Police

Since the Modern Slavery Act came into force in 2015, the issue of potential exploitation in businesses and their supply chains has been brought into sharper focus in boardrooms across the UK.

Section 54 of the Act obliges every commercial organisation with a turnover above £36m to prepare a Modern Slavery Statement for each financial year. Our services support you to identify and mitigate the threat of modern slavery within your business and supply chain. Taking proactive action will help your business to inspire consumer confidence and uphold the highest levels of integrity towards your workforce.

Hope for Justice has an evidence base of hundreds of successful cases and supports businesses with billions of pounds of turnover, affecting hundreds of thousands of staff through their supply chains.


What We Offer



Developed through years of experience working directly with victims, law enforcement, other agencies and partners, our training is delivered by frontline practitioners in collaboration with our in-house Training Team.


Hope for Justice has extensive specialist experience identifying modern slavery within the business and labour recruitment sectors. A proactive preventative approach is the best way to inspire confidence in your customers and workforce and minimise risk to your brand.


With backgrounds in criminal investigation and public protection, our award-winning expert teams operate out of highly successful Regional Investigative Hubs to provide proactive services to businesses like yours.


Our experienced team can respond where potential victims are identified within your business or supply chain. Acting sensitively and discreetly, we safely assess an individual’s situation and, if they are identified as trafficked, place them into the government’s National Referral Mechanism aftercare accommodation.


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