Retrak becomes part of the Hope for Justice family

Street children are incredibly vulnerable to trafficking and are often targeted by predatory gangs who force them into sexual exploitation, domestic servitude and forced labour. Helping street children and getting them to safe, caring families massively reduces their vulnerability to predatory traffickers. As part of Hope for Justice, Retrak will continue its world-class outreach and aftercare work with individuals, and will work for structural reform.

Bringing together the two organisations will provide a more effective force to identify and rescue vulnerable people of all ages from modern slavery, to help them heal into new lives in freedom, and to campaign for change.

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    Around the world, both charities’ frontline work will continue to go from strength to strength as best practice, experience, knowledge and insight are shared. Globally, the joint organisation will have nearly 300 staff, whose fantastic work will continue. Below you can find information on some of Retrak’s existing projects and programs across Africa:

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    “What I went through in the form of beatings and suffering changed me but the social workers helped me to recover”