Do you work with potential victims of human trafficking?

At Hope for Justice we want to resource the professionals
who work day-in-day-out with potential victims
of human trafficking and modern day slavery.

On this page we offer world-class training and provide a growing library
of in-depth information in downloadable/printer-friendly formats.

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Training For Professionals

What’s available?

Hope for Justice believes in multi-agency working and is keen to work with and train law enforcement, medical professionals, social services, community outreach programmes and other frontline agencies and organisations to tackle the issue of human trafficking in the UK. One of the ways in which we actively support professionals is by offering training on:

  • What is human trafficking?
  • Spotting the signs & reporting trafficking
  • Legal framework for supporting victims and criminalizing suspects
  • Working with potential victims of trafficking

The value of training

We believe that by equipping people who are specialists in their own field with relevant, comprehensive and practical guidance we can increase the number of victims identified and improve the response and help offered by organizations like yours.


A history of success

Hope for Justice has experience of training staff from a variety of frontline agencies including the police, homeless shelters, social services, teachers, community-based outreach programs and asylum charities. Crucially this leads to increases in referrals and rescues, and the standard of care provided to victims.

Request training

With our in-house Trainers and Network Trainers (specially trained consultants) we can deliver training to a growing audience.

In the UK our current focus is the North of England and the Midlands although we will cater to requests for training from outside this area depending upon current capacity.

In the US our current focus is training healthcare professionals because of the close contact the medical community has with victims of trafficking.

To make further enquiries about what we can offer your organization or to request training, click the button below.

What attendees say about our training:

“The whole session was informative and eye opening – an excellent course!”

“Amazing training. Best I’ve been on in a long time. Well done!”

“Will definitely recommend this training to all frontline staff”

UK Professionals PDFs

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Online Reference Directory (UK)

Made possible by funding from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire.

This resource contains links to major conventions, protocols and legislation surrounding human trafficking. It also includes reports and strategy from leading international bodies, position papers from key decision-makers and news articles of influential cases.

For further enquiries about this resource or other resources for professionals please contact: