Celebrate Freedom


Freedom – what a powerful force.

In this season of celebrating our privilege of choice, it’s important to remember those who still live in captivity. William Lloyd Garrison, an abolitionist during the American Civil War, once said:


“enslave the liberty of but one human being and the liberties of the world are put in peril.”


This idea speaks to us deeply and urges us to stop at nothing to provide liberty and justice to all.

This is not a gloomy goal, but a thrilling one! At Hope for Justice, we have a saying – “celebrate what you want to replicate.” This has become a life motto for many of our team members, and reminds all of us to stay focused on the victories, no matter how great or small they may appear.


A young girl whose desire to learn has been restored.

An older man who remembers what it’s like to smile and laugh again.

A daughter reunited with her family after years of separation.


These stories, lives, and moments are what fuel the “why” behind what we do as an organization. Ending human trafficking is an audacious goal, but with every small victory we experience, we’re reminded that freedom is always worth the fight.


Join us this month as we celebrate the lives and stories of freedom made possible because of supporters like you!
Share a story a day with your friends, family, colleagues to celebrate #31DaysofFreedom!