Turn up. Speak out. End slavery.

Hope Gathering 2017

Join us for a weekend of community, worship, keynotes and prayer as we go behind-the-scenes on live cases, share about the challenges facing recently rescued survivors and inspire you to take action.

Spend time with the Hope for Justice team, hear about ongoing cases and make an impact through prayer. We’ll be praising together with great live worship and enjoying quality time as a fantastic Hope for Justice community.

Jonny, Nottingham:
“I absolutely love going to Hope Gathering! It’s such a good opportunity to learn more about what the incredible Hope for Justice team are doing. As abolitionists it’s a powerful statement of intent when we can meet together, pray together and spur each other on to do our bit in this fight to end slavery. After my first time at Hope Gathering, I was inspired, equipped and had the new set of contacts; all of which helped me set up an Abolition Group.”


Hope for Justice identifies and rescues victims, advocates on their behalf, provides restorative care that rebuilds lives, and trains frontline professionals to tackle slavery. Hope Gathering is your chance to become an even bigger part our mission.

This year we will also have some leading figures who will inspire you to think about how you can become a leader in your world.

Rose, Manchester: 

“Hope Gathering is about coming alongside people who carry the same passions as you, to keep up to date with what Hope for Justice are planning next and how I can play my part; and to invest time in prayer about this subject and to bounce fundraising ideas off other people also trying to impact their local community. It’s about being together, working together and feeling part of the army who are in it to end slavery.”